Looking back on the past year, there is one number that matters to us the most.

9.9 Million

That’s the number of consumers who worked with TrueAccord in 2021 to

  • Resolve debt on their own terms
  • Improve their financial fitness
  • Take charge of their future

Here’s what those consumers had to say about us:

This year, TrueAccord turned debt repayment into pure “AWESOMENESS 👌”.

(Yep, that’s a real quote.)

We are proud to have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and an industry-leading 4.7 rating on Google consumer reviews.

Google Reviews

Better Business Bureau

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it has been a pleasure working with you! Thank you for your unique and professional approach.”
“You made paying a debt actually enjoyable…”
“Your politeness and professionalism were 5 stars. I would say 10 stars out of 5 if that were possible.”

This year, consumers resolved debt on their own terms with TrueAccord — using flexible payment plans that work for them.

Our research has shown that this flexibility is a win-win for consumers and our clients, too: consumers are 50% less likely to drop off a payment arrangement, if it is flexible and tailored to their needs.
“When I was hurt and out of work and let you know I wasn't able to pay, you gave me an affordable way to pay”
“I love that you guys are flexible with making payments.”
“[You let me] postpone a payment when I couldn't afford it that month. I really appreciated that!”

This year, we reached consumers where and when they want to be reached.

TrueAccord has been digital-first since our founding in 2013, and we know that communicating via digital channels (like email and SMS) is now preferred by most consumers.

“Easy to pay online. I wish every site was like this.”
“Thanks for allowing me to pay online, other collectors only accepted stuff over the phone. ”
“Made it easy and convenient to pay my outstanding balance. I really appreciate that the emails were friendly and understanding.”

This year, we created win-win scenarios for consumers and creditors alike.

Here are some examples:

Group 7
Snap Finance saw 25-35% better performance on the accounts that they placed with TrueAccord, compared to the accounts they placed with traditional agencies. (Read our case study with Snap Finance here.)


“Great customer service. TrueAccord is nothing like the other debt collection agency. TrueAccord representatives are very helpful and polite. Thank you.”
- a Snap Finance consumer
“TrueAccord is ~40-60% better than traditional agencies.”
- Customer
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“We are so proud to work with TrueAccord. Putting technology to use for the people instead of against the people is the next generation of tech.”

-Sebastian Siemiatkowski
Co-founder and CEO, Klarna
(Read our case study with Klarna here.)


“I love the flexibility and the affordable payment plan available to me. Plus being able to correspond by email makes things a lot easier. This really helped me pay off my debt.”
- a Klarna consumer
“Nobody comes close to touching TrueAccord on net liquidation for end of the funnel debt.”
- Bank Customer
“TrueAccord is ~40-60% better than traditional agencies.”
- Customer

Product Innovation → Empowering Consumer Experience

This year, we expanded our product offerings to include both Retain (our first party solution for delinquent accounts) and Recover (our solution for defaulted accounts). Now, consumers and creditors can seamlessly work together at every stage of the collections lifecycle.


And that’s not all: our technology empowers consumers to take charge of their debt—without the need for disruptive phone calls or snail mail. 96% of consumers who resolve their debt with TrueAccord do so via self-service on our digital platforms, without ever talking to an agent.

“The first email was all I needed to know…I already like this company. You’re not supposed to like collection companies lol…but they have the right approach and amazing options”

“Thanks so much for working with me to handle my debt. PAID IN FULL feels great!!!”

“This had to be the easiest way for me to pay off a debt in full.”

“Simple, easy and straight to the point. Thank you TrueAccord for making debt not scary. I advise everyone to pay your debt and become free again in the financial world!!!!“

“You folks were wonderful. I was going thru a horrible time and you were kind and understanding. Would I have the ability to use you again in the future?”

Real consumer feedback

This year, we set a new standard for what debt collection should be.

You wouldn’t expect a debt collection company to get thousands of thank you notes. But we’re here to set a new expectation.

This year (and every year), our mission is to prove that debt collection can be:








…all while being effective for consumers and collectors alike.

Here’s to raising the bar on debt collection. Let’s create a future where the path to financial fitness is paved with positive experiences.