TrueAccord’s vision is to restore hope and financial stability for those who lost them.

Here at TrueAccord, we're proud of our values:


Mission-Focused, Results Driven

  • Understand how your work advances the mission
  • Use mission in decision making and prioritization
  • Deliver outstanding outcomes and measure impact rather than effort
  • Accept short term pain for long term gain

Be a Team Player

  • Socialize learning, ideas, and plans with stakeholders
  • Leverage the best thinking of others
  • Lean constructively into conflict, communicate openly and directly
  • Prioritize collective success over personal success
  • Know and play your position
  • Be clear on the decision-maker, pushing decisions as low into the organization as possible
  • Respect and get behind decisions

Empathy Always, in All Ways

  • Seek to understand the needs, challenges, and objectives of others
  • Tap the power of diverse perspective
  • Be open-minded; allow yourself to be convinced
  • Make tough decisions with humanity
  • Take the time to be kind

Controlled Disruption

  • Reinvent by taking calculated risks
  • Challenge existing assumptions & ask “why?, why not?”
  • Think big, start small, learn fast
  • Anticipate upstream and downstream impacts
  • Accept discomfort to shape the future

Bring Your “A” Game

  • Come prepared and ready to contribute
  • Demonstrate the mastery of your craft
  • Articulate the what & the why
  • Acknowledge and learn from mistakes so you/we don’t repeat them
  • Stretch yourself
  • Elevate your game, improve

TrueAccord is a mission-driven team that values empathy, innovation, collaboration, and a drive for results. We believe that the best work environments are filled with people with different backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs. We support this value by maintaining a diverse workforce, promoting individuality, and ensuring an inclusive work environment.

At TrueAccord, we are proud to share that our team consists of an almost equal gender divide and we are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in our workspace. Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested in Working at TrueAccord?