A Personalized Collections Experience At Scale

TrueAccord uses machine learning and digital technology to deliver a personalized, self-serve experience that drives consumer engagement and industry-leading results.

At TrueAccord, we’re built for consumers.

The world has changed, and the traditional approach to collections is facing headwinds. We built TrueAccord as a modern approach to debt collections—one that uses technology to engage with consumers at the right time, place, and channel—resulting in happier consumers and better results.


Reach consumers where they are.

Right party call-contact rates are low and declining. TrueAccord uses a range of channels including email, SMS, voicemail drop, and more to cut through the noise and empower self-service and inbound communication.


Tailor the consumer journey.

No more one-size-fits-all outreach or call-based collections campaigns. TrueAccord’s patented machine learning engine, HeartBeat, creates a personalized journey for each consumer – and keeps optimizing for the right message, outreach time, and communication cadence to optimize performance.