We talk to everybody like they’re somebody.

TrueAccord uses patented machine learning and digital technology to deliver a personalized, self-serve experience that drives consumer engagement and industry-leading results.

Infrastructure that scales

TrueAccord’s digital platform can efficiently and compliantly scale to any collection volume. With compliant, pre-built content libraries, best practices, and data science models, our solution is tailor-made to be consistent and effective.

We’re built for consumers

We designed TrueAccord as a modern approach to debt collections—one that uses technology to engage with consumers at the right time, place, and channel—resulting in happier consumers and better results.

Tailor the consumer journey.

No more one-size-fits-all outreach or call-based collections campaigns. TrueAccord’s patented machine learning engine, HeartBeat, creates a personalized journey for each consumer – and keeps optimizing for the right message, outreach time, and communication cadence to optimize performance.

Empower consumers with a self-serve experience.

A flexible, intuitive digital portal puts consumers in control and leads to commitments that stick. 96% of TrueAccord consumers who resolve their debts do so in a totally self-serve fashion, without interacting with a human being.

Flexibly scale to any collections volume.

TrueAccord’s digital platform can efficiently and compliantly scale to any collections volume, at any time of the year and despite external events or circumstances.

Get started today.

Whatever your organization’s technical needs, we have the tools and experts to onboard you today.