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TrueAccord is the industry-leading recovery and collections platform powered by machine learning and a consumer-friendly digital experience.

Our platform can handle all of your delinquency needs from one day past due through charge off.

Best-in-class results

Recover faster with HeartBeat, our patented machine learning platform that automatically improves and optimizes engagement over time.

Better for consumers

Give people the power to settle their debts with a flexible, self-serve digital experience.


Delinquency infrastructure that can scale efficiently to any collections or recover volume.

End-to-end personalization

Reach consumers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

See how HeartBeat delivers world class results.

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Early Stage Collections

TrueAccord’s platform for first-party, early-stage delinquency management boosts recovery, retains customers, and completely transforms the economics of your business.


Late Stage Collections

TrueAccord offers third-party collection services for better relationships and faster recoveries. Achieve higher liquidation through engagement, commitment, and resolution. All made possible through machine learning and a digital user experience.

Trusted by market leaders. Loved by consumers.

We’re leaders in our field and work with trusted industry organizations and regulators.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Digitally Engage Your Past-Due Customers

This eBook is designed to be your tactical guide to transforming your recovery operation from simply using digital methods to a truly intelligent digital design.


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