Debt Collection, Reimagined

Improve recovery rates and reduce compliance risk while giving your customers the best user experience possible.

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Using behavioral analytics, machine learning and modern communication channels our platform provides:

Real-time Personalization

Your customers are individuals. You need a system that understands that. Harness the most advanced technology in the debt collection space. HeartBeat, our machine learning based system, learns from customer behavior in real time, adapts treatment and offers the optimal solution for conversion.

Superior Results

It’s simple: get better returns. Our system has shown recovery improvements of up to 100% compared to old school collection solutions. Improve your bottom line, reduce reserves and redeploy capital faster.

Customer Retention

In this dynamic regulatory environment, every collections call is a compliance risk. TrueAccord’s platform gives you full control over the process and minimizes the number of human interactions. Use our settings module to control discounts, approve content and audit every communication. Reduce your risk while increasing your recovery.

Better Control

Knowledge is power. A real time dashboard and API allows you to monitor activity and performance. A robust feedback process surfaces qualitative feedback from high value customer interactions and exposes product and process kinks. Open up to a new era of transparency in debt collection.

Find the right solution for your customers:


Use our automated, targeted process to recover your portfolio’s long tail.

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Boost early stage recovery with our short duration programs.

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Supercharge your collections team with the power of machine learning.

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Reimagining the debt collections industry

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Access the world’s most technologically advanced approach to collections

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Ensure an unprecedented focus on security and compliance

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