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Become effortlessly digital.

The scale, intelligence, and consumer-obsessed innovation of the world’s greatest ecommerce brands. Now powering your first-party collections.

Retain is a fully client-branded solution that enables you to harness the power of machine learning and digital technology to boost early-stage collections.

Group 4

Collect more.

Reduce roll rates with intelligent, digital-first code-based collections – powered by TrueAccord’s patented machine learning platform and self-serve digital approach.

Group 6

Retain customers.

Deliver a superior consumer experience that protects your brand and keeps customers coming back once they’ve resolved.

Group 2

Reduce call center costs.

Reduce call center costs, improve efficiency, maintain compliance and boost employee retention with a self-serve digital-first collections strategy.

The Retain difference


Harness industry-defining AI.

Retain is powered by HeartBeat – TrueAccord’s patented machine learning platform – to dynamically optimize the next best touchpoint for every consumer in real time.


Plug and play – batteries included.

Retain comes pre-configured with everything you need to start collecting at scale: deliverability, a self-optimizing machine learning engine, code-based compliance, and digital expertise to drive engagement and commitment. No model building or tuning required.


Don’t change a thing.

Retain quickly and easily integrates with all of your agent tools and workflows – no painful migrations or “rip and replace” to get up and running.


Fortune 500 Company Sees 1000 BP Roll Rate-Improvement with TrueAccord Retain

A Fortune 500 company, leverages Retain to deliver an intelligent digital collections strategy – while maintaining compliance and driving a 1000 bp decrease in roll rate.


Beyond Digital: The New Toolkit for Early-Stage Collection

In this new ebook, we explain why it’s no longer enough to simply “go digital” in collections, and we share how collections leaders can build a toolkit that creates personalized journeys for every consumer—and harnesses the power of machine learning.