At TrueAccord our clients and customers are our top priority. As we look back on 2022, here are some of the things that matter to us the most.

13.6 Million

That’s how many customers TrueAccord served in 2022. Our intelligent, digital-first collections software provided these consumers with flexibility and options that fit their lifestyle.

Here’s what those consumers had to say about us:

“Can't ask for a better company to collect debt. Very polite, respectful, and willing to work with you any way you need.”
“As a busy mom, I loved the follow-up emails instead of dealing with phone calls or old-school mail. The payment process was super easy!”
“It's not unusual to face rough times and when I did TrueAccord worked with me to help settle my debt. Thank you for your patience and consideration. It’s greatly appreciated.”
“Quick and simple, a charge-off I can afford to resolve!”
This year TrueAccord became Visa Ready certified! We joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program, which helps technology companies build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa’s global standards around security and functionality.
2022 was also a year where we created win-win scenarios for consumers and creditors alike.

Here are some examples:

TrueAccord’s Retain Solution Delivers Breakthrough Results for Financial Services Giant

This publicly-traded financial services company saw a 40% more effective early-stage recovery with TrueAccord’s machine learning-driven, client-branded engagement platform, Retain, that orchestrates a superior digital engagement experience for delinquencies. With Retain, the client outperformed three traditional “call and collect” agencies across several of the client’s portfolios.

Utility Leader Powers Up Early-Stage Collection Efforts Through HeartBeat

Within weeks of implementing Retain, one of the nation’s leaders in electric utility systems collected over 63,000 payments to recover over $17 million and observed high levels of engagement through Retain-powered digital content. And with the help of HeartBeat, TrueAccord’s powerful machine learning decision engine, they were able to observe behavior data and optimize digital touch points and engagement in real-time.

We bring humanity into collections – and our customers are appreciative.
“By far the nicest, most polite debt collector I’ve ever had to deal with. I would say I’d do business with them again, but let’s hope I don’t have to.”
We engage consumers with respect and understanding, empowering them to take back control of their finances.
In today’s digital age, we at TrueAccord strongly believe in reaching out through the channels customers prefer and use most. Our services are available and accessible online 24/7, so we’re ready when you are.
“TrueAccord is the best debt collector I never spoke to!”
“I really appreciate TrueAccord’s customer service working with me! Although I haven’t met them in person, it’s great to have firms that’ll treat individuals like people, as though it was themselves.”

We are proud to have an industry-leading 4.6 rating on Google consumer reviews.

And when they resolve their debts, we celebrate their accomplishments with them.

“Self-accomplishment. Boom,
I did that.

Relief. A sense of fulfillment. A goal accomplished. I feel like I’m seen as being trustworthy to others when I do what I said I was going to do when I said I would do it.”

Success. I like to see movement in things. I like to see progression. Whether it’s watching your debt go down or watching your business grow, it’s really nice to see accomplishment. It’s inspirational.

Real consumer feedback

Innovating the collection and recovery experience with TrueAccord

As a digital-first collection and recovery platform, TrueAccord drives breakthrough results for leaders in various industries while providing a world-class, empathetic approach to the consumer experience.

Every year, TrueAccord’s mission is to be:










As we look into the new year, we hope to continue innovating the debt collection industry and helping consumers find their way to be financially healthy.

Here’s to raising the bar on debt collection. Let’s create a future where the path to financial fitness is paved with
positive experiences.