At TrueAccord our clients and customers are our top priority. As we look back on 2023, here are some of the things that matter to us the most.

16.5 Million

That’s how many customers TrueAccord served in 2023. Our intelligent, digital-first collections software provided these consumers with flexibility and options that fit their lifestyle.

Here’s what those consumers had to say about us:

"Great customer service, painless and hassle-free! A lot of debt-collection companies could learn from you guys!”
“Super easy, no headaches and before I knew it I paid in full already.”
“Customer service is on point, very accommodating in person as well as flexible online payment options.”

In our continuous effort to help customers find ways to get back on track towards financial health, we refreshed our Consumer website for better user experience. We expanded the FAQs to provide answers to the most common questions at the click of a button. Knowledge is power and our updated website aims to provide information and guidance for all our customers.

“You guys made this easy for me. I didn’t have to search for options, the website provides more than enough options that work with your situation.”

“My last payment! It was so easy to use your website. No rep needed. Awesome.”

“User friendly website with flexible options! Great to work with. :)”

We bring humanity into collections – and our customers are appreciative.

“Easiest collection agency ever. Makes it manageable for people like me who are trying to catch up with bills, and being able to do it myself online makes me feel more in control. Thank you!”

We’ve got your back when it comes to resolving your debt – we’re dedicated to empowering consumers to take back control of their finances.

In today’s digital age, reaching out through the channels customers prefer and use most is at the core of TrueAccord. Our services are available and accessible online 24/7, so we’re ready when you are.

“I loved how I received a text with an option to pay down my balance via a link. A lot easier of a process than having to make phone calls/receiving calls.”

“Your method of working with people is nothing short of wonderful. Every month, good or bad you HELPED us achieve paying this debt off, without judgment or condemnation. We thank you very much for your assistance, professionalism and humanity. ”

We offer flexible options to suit each consumers’ budget and personal situation, and work to provide a stress-free experience.

We are proud to have an industry-leading 4.7 rating on Google consumer reviews.

“Thank you for making the process easy to create a payment plan online and via text. This was super convenient. Also, great customer service, I was happy to not have to wait on hold for long periods of time to resolve my account, the agent was super friendly.”

And when customers resolve their debts, we celebrate their accomplishments with them.

“I love this set up. Makes me feel like I
am accomplishing something. Makes
me excited to see my debt decrease.

“Thank You so much for your understanding,
and for allowing me to move past this with a
smile knowing you helped me tremendously.😁”

“These emails really help motivate me to get this paid off.
It’s been a long battle but you’re making it easier. Please
know that. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for making it possible
to pay what I owe. Such a relief off my
. It was so quick and easy to do.”

Real consumer feedback*
Not all customers in debt provide positive feedback. Some TrueAccord customers file complaints. Nevertheless, the Better Business Bureau, who receives some of these complaints, grades TrueAccord at an A.

Innovating the collection and recovery experience with TrueAccord

As a digital-first collection and recovery platform, TrueAccord drives breakthrough results for industry leaders while providing a world-class, empathetic approach to the consumer experience. 

Every year, TrueAccord’s mission is to be:










As we look into the new year, we hope to continue innovating the debt collection industry and helping consumers find their way to be financially healthy.

Here’s to raising the bar on debt collection. Let’s create a future where the path to financial fitness is paved with
positive experiences.