Recovery & Collection Starter Kit

A successful recovery and collection strategy is more than just collecting on delinquent loans—and we have the tools, tips, and tricks to build your own world-class strategy. Get started with our expert resources created with your select industry in mind.

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Take a peek at what's inside
your starter kit

Take a peek at what's inside your starter kit

Featured E-Book

The World-Class Guide to Recovery

In this in-depth ebook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Manage delinquencies without sacrificing consumer experience
  • Balance performance with operation metrics and consumer-focused KPIs
  • Compare, contrast, and evaluate in-house vs partner collections strategies

Featured E-Book

Choosing a Recovery Partner: Top 6 Questions to Ask

Do your due diligence with the top questions to ask a potential recovery partner, including:
  • Does the recovery partner primarily communicate with my consumers in their channel(s) of choice?
  • Do they leverage any machine learning that could augment what I already know about my customers?
  • How much execution risk does my collection partner expose me to?

Cheat Sheet

Top KPIs for Your Recovery Operations

This cheat sheet shares all the must-know glossary terms for recovery key performance indicators like:
  • Differences between traditional debt collection metrics, digital engagement tracking, operational KPIs, and more
  • New consumer-centric KPIs for today’s most effective recovery strategy
  • How to calculate profitability of a collections operation using operational metrics


After learning about the different KPIs from the handy Cheat Sheet, use our interactive calculator to:
  • Plug in your business’s KPIs to measure the profitability of your recovery
  • Discover opportunities to improve the reach, resolution funnel, and cost effectiveness of your recovery operation
  • Scenario plan how much in additional revenue and cost savings the shift to an intelligent, digital strategy can drive for your business

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About TrueAccord

TrueAccord offers an intelligent, digital-first collection and recovery platform that has worked with more than 20 million consumers of major banks, issuers, eCommerce companies, and direct lenders. We are transforming the debt collection industry and helping consumers reach financial health with an adaptive intelligence engine that dynamically personalizes every facet of the consumer experience – from channel to message to plan type and more – in real-time.