Keep your accounts with tenants up to date.

Managing rental properties and HOAs can be challenging. Tenants move often, changing addresses and phone numbers. Use a solution that’s as mobile as your tenants, and as flexible as their payment ability. TrueAccord’s digital-first solution excels at engaging consumers to resolve their issues.


Customer behavior is dynamic, and our adaptive engine uses that knowledge to create a unique collection experience for each consumer.

User Centric

Our platform delivers great user experiences so your customers can pay off the debt and remain a loyal user of your product or service.


Our autonomous system never sleeps. It contacts customers at the right time and through the right channel, to convince them to pay.

Data Intelligence

Gain full visibility into account status, so you can quickly re-engage with your customers once they are in good standing. Learn more about your user segments and behavior, so you can identify the customers you want to keep engaged.

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