National Debt Collection Agency

Collecting from coast to coast

TrueAccord is a licensed debt collection agency in all 50 states. We work with companies across the country to make collections an empathetic experience for those in debt and to change the industry for the better. Our digital-first collections strategy works to create a unique, customer-centric experience for consumers in debt and improve recovery rates for creditors.


Who we are

In 2013, our CEO was hounded by collectors for a small balance on a store credit card that he forgot to pay. Several calls from unknown numbers and one unpleasant conversation later, Ohad Samet was determined to reimagine the debt collection process.

Today, TrueAccord has brought together a team of industry veterans with decades of experience in order to make that change a reality. By bringing finance industry experts together with world class data scientists and engineers, we have the power to reach customers in debt better than ever before.

Our machine-learning technology understands customers and works to create the best possible collections experience for both customers in debt and creditors that are looking to collect.

Our mission

We understand that the collections industry has a bit of a branding issue. The term “debt collector” conjures up ideas of non-stop phone calls, large payments, and lawsuits—things that people dread. We’re reinventing collections through technology; we want to give customers control of their debt collection experience.

When customers have a better collections experience with your company, the stigma associated with debt begins to shift. We’ve seen this in action, and our Google Reviews show that consumers prefer our way of collecting. Ultimately, our model collects better because with empathy, we maintain the trust you built between your brand and your customers.

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