Debt collection, reinvented

Digital-first, ML-driven collections & recovery platform that delivers better results and happier customers.

Our technology brings together the power of machine learning and an intuitive, self-serve digital experience to deliver:

Best-in-class performance

Improve recovery with HeartBeat, an AI platform that automatically improves and optimizes engagement over time.


A digital, machine learning-powered platform that can scale efficiently to any collections or recovery volume.

Superior consumer experience

Put consumers in control of resolving their debts and delinquencies with a flexible, self-serve digital platform.

End-to-end personalization

Reach consumers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Our Solutions

Group 38

TrueAccord Retain

Transform the economics of your call center with Retain, a first-party early-stage delinquency management  platform that boosts recovery and retains consumers.

Group 48

TrueAccord Recover

Achieve higher liquidation rates with Recover, the collections platform that harnesses machine learning, digital technology, and code-based compliance to drive engagement, commitment and resolution.

How it Works

Our solution personalizes the collections & recovery experience, driving higher engagement and commitment by individually tailoring every stage of the customer journey.



consumers with the right messages and on the right channels



and optimize outreach over time to drive engagement, commitment, and follow-through



consumers to self-serve by providing easy-to-use digital tools to resolve debts



operations to any volume, while maintaining code-based regulatory compliance

We’re leaders in our field and work with trusted industry organizations and regulators.

What customers have to say on BBB and Google Reviews.

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Hear from the businesses and consumers we serve.

“We had a very positive experience. We started using them and the performance felt strong enough where we have never tested them against any other vendor.”
- Customer
“Nobody comes close to touching TrueAccord on net liquidation for end of the funnel debt.”
- Bank Customer
“TrueAccord is ~40-60% better than traditional agencies.”
- Customer


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