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Collections and Recovery Specialist

Broaden your strategy beyond outdated call and collect agencies. Step into a world of options. With TrueAccord, you can reach consumers the way they want to be contacted through multiple channels.


Our dynamic placement strategies allow you to place and pull accounts according to consumer behavior, instead of how often collectors call them. We work with you to optimize and respond to macro trends and changes to debt composition.


Digital Transformation Leader

We’re modernizing how debt collection operates. Our mobile-optimized system contacts consumers at the right time and through the right channel to get them to respond and pay. Tap into our years-long expertise in assisting digital transformation strategies.


Operations Manager

Do more with less using our automated system. Replace hard to scale, call center-based vendors with our flexible system to meet your collection and quality goals. Whether your company has 30% year over year growth or a 5-times explosion in your late stage servicing volume, our team of technical experts can adapt and meet your needs.


Finance Manager

Get paid without the hassle, and extend your internal team without growing an unwieldy operation. Our 3rd party collection service seamlessly complements your internal process. We pick up from where you leave off and can contact customers in your name to make sure you get paid. Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you start collections in just a few simple steps, and our brand-positive communications get you paid.

Interested in the future of debt collection?​

Learn how TrueAccord’s digital-first debt collection delivers industry-leading results and a superior consumer experience.