Solutions By Industry

Banks and Credit Unions

Personalized data-driven collections produce results. Whether you’re focused on improving the customer experience or increasing recovery rates, TrueAccord provides the tools you need. Using their deep expertise of the consumer lending space, our data science and behavioral economics teams develop content for a superior user experience. Our system is constantly adapting from millions of decisions taken every day by customers that are just like yours.

Retail & E-Commerce

Chargebacks should not be the end of the story. More than 30% of chargebacks are a result of “friendly fraud,” customers who purchase items or services and then change their mind. When your dispute fails, TrueAccord can help you engage those customers and recoup some of those lost funds. Additionally, we’ll identify customers who deserve a second chance and help them get back to doing business with you.


Debt recovery is part of the business lifecycle. Since more than 30% of chargebacks are from customers who sign up for a service and change their mind, or forget to cancel the subscription, we can help you re-engage with these consumers. By working with us, you’ll maintain a brand-positive user experience during recovery and reconciliation.

Real Estate

Keep your accounts with tenants up to date. Managing rental properties and HOAs can be challenging. Tenants move often, changing addresses and phone numbers. Use a solution that’s as mobile as your tenants, and as flexible as their payment ability. TrueAccord’s digital-first solution excels at engaging consumers to resolve their issues.

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