Portland Digital Debt Collection Agency

TrueAccord provides digital collections solutions to creditors throughout the credit, consumer loan, eCommerce, technology, real estate, and services industries. Our machine learning technology, combined with our team of industry experts helps us create a unique and customer-centric experience for consumers and improve recovery rates for creditors.

Debt collection in Portland

Portland is growing rapidly with the continuing influx of high technology and software companies, alongside companies from the manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries. With our own FinTech startup roots, TrueAccord knows what it means to be a scrappy tech company, but with over fifty years of financial industry expertise on our leadership team alone, we are equipped to handle any size collections portfolio. We’ve collected tens of millions in just seven years, and that number continues to grow with tech companies like LendUp and Upwork!

TrueAccord’s immersion in FinTech allows us to bridge the complex world of collections compliance with innovative technology, powered by our experienced staff of industry veterans. 

We are disrupting the collections industry one customer at a time, and our customer-driven model has been highlighted in TechCrunch, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

"When we first met with the TrueAccord team, we immediately recognized that they were different from other potential partners."
Director of Global Payments for Upwork

What TrueAccord can do for you


Our collections process is meticulously managed to meet the most up-to-date industry standards.

Superior Customer

An empathy-focused mission drives our proprietary machine-learning technology to customize customer journeys.

Increased Recovery

We collect an average of 26% better than traditional call-based collections agencies!

While our competitors struggle to send thousands of emails, we successfully deliver millions of emails every month.

The future of debt collection

  • Our digital-first collections strategy is driven by Heartbeat, our artificial intelligence program that uses machine learning and hard-coded legal compliance to communicate with customers.
  • A fully personalized, automated experience means that 95% of customers complete payment without directly engaging with an agent, limiting the variability of phone calls and guaranteeing easy resolution for debts of any age.
  • Not relying on a traditional call to collect strategy also means that we continue to collect after other agencies have gone home.
  • More than 20% of customers engage with our emails outside of business hours for traditional agencies.
  • By challenging the industry standard, we are bringing the collections industry into the digital age and making it easier to pay off accounts.

Our mission

We understand that the collections industry has a bit of a branding issue. The term “debt collector” conjures up ideas of non-stop phone calls, large payments, lawsuits—things that people dread. We’re reinventing collections through technology; we want to give customers control of their debt collection experience.

When customers have a better collections experience with your company, the stigma associated with debt begins to shift. We’ve seen this in action, and our Google Reviews show that consumers prefer our way of collecting. Ultimately, our model collects better because with empathy, we maintain the trust you built between your brand and your customers.

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