How We Talk to Our Customers

At TrueAccord we talk to our customers in a variety of ways, including emails, letters and calls.

To assist our team in reaching our customers efficiently and consistently, we sometimes use automation software to schedule and send messages with virtual sender names. These messages have all been written and reviewed by a TrueAccord team member and sent automatically by our software. These virtual sender names are grouped and referred to as our “Automated Staff.”

Since we believe transparency increases trust and provides a better customer experience, we’re publishing this directory of our automated staff names.

TrueAccord Automated Staff

  • Susan Anderson
  • Melinda Brewer
  • Nolan Davis
  • Deanna Hill
  • Joseph Jefferson
  • Eric Lee
  • Aaron Munoz
  • Charlie Maxwell
  • Peter Martin
  • Isabel Orozco
  • Anil Patil
  • Amrita Singh
  • Gabriel Vasquez
  • Daryl Washington
  • Teresa Zuniga

With special appearances by:

  • Sam Geary
  • Thomas K.