Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrueAccord?

TrueAccord Corp. is reinventing debt collection. Started by veterans of the financial services industry; we realize debt collection is a process that leaves debtors hurt and angry while making creditors worried about dealing with outstanding balances. We want to change that.

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Why are you contacting me?

We are contacting you because you have an unpaid balance. The company that you owe money to has asked us to help collect on this debt. We want to work with you to settle your debt and get you onto the path of financial freedom.

How are you different from other collection agencies?

TrueAccord offers an online service, giving customers a set of tools to easily pay your debt. We know debt collection is about nurturing relationships. It’s important to pay debts, but we understand that sometimes people are stretched thin financially. The debt collection process can be a stressful and unpleasant experience, that can turn people off from taking care of their financial obligations. At TrueAccord we want to work with you to resolve your debts; we know cooperation makes for a better experience and will ultimately be mutually beneficial.

You have the wrong person!

If you think that you have been contacted by mistake, please let us know. First, please review the information to confirm that you are not the owner of the delinquent account. When you are certain that this debt does not belong to you, Contact Us to let us know that we have the wrong person.

I don't know this company that you say I owe money to.

We understand that mistakes in identity can happen. Maybe enough time has passed and you’ve forgotten this debt. Often times a person can go into debt without realizing it. Did you shut your business down? Did you make payment for an online service? Did your kids or spouse use your payment details to make a purchase? If you are unclear about the nature of your account with TrueAccord, please Contact Us. Our team is on hand to answer questions and help you get this balance resolved.

I can't pay right now, what do I do?

Click the “I can’t pay now” button on the payment page and let us know about your situation. We believe customers want to honor their obligations and understand that financial circumstances can make this difficult. Don’t stress. Let’s work together to find a solution that will allow you to settle your account.

How come I owe money for refunds and charge-backs? I've stopped using online payments a few months ago.

The refund and chargeback process doesn’t end with an email to a merchant or a phone call to your bank. Chargebacks and related disputes can take up to six months to process. During this time a merchant may choose to dispute the chargeback. A customer may think the refund process ends with a chargeback, only to find out that it was rejected six months later. This can lead to someone owing money without realizing it.

How can I pay you?

You can pay us with a US credit card or through a bank wire transfer (ACH payment). We do not charge payment convenience fees (or any other hidden fees). Our goal is to help you get this matter settled as soon as possible.

How can I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with us is to use the buttons on your payment page. We respond to all contact requests. If you need to reach us directly, send us an email at or call us at +1 (866) 611-2731. We look forward to speaking with you.

What is your mailing address?

TrueAccord's mailing address is 303 2nd Street, Suite 750 South, San Francisco, California 94107.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are 7am to 5pm PST, Monday to Friday.